Question: Why a central Institution?

An increasing number of institutions have expressed interest to collaborate with the SCAALA, expressing concern that the SCAALA should remain in South and Central America, and The Caribbean, but networked with all other bodies in Linguistic Anthropology. Here, the SCAALA plans to work with institutions globally, and is currently negotiating with those bodies, while building the global SCAALA network.

Question: Won’t the SCAALA interrupt the aims of other well established organizations in Anthropology or Linguistic Anthropology?

The SCAALA has no intention to do this, but to organize and develop the SCAALA so to support all South and Central America, and The Caribbean, and global, Linguistic Anthropologists, and organizations in Linguistic Anthropology. Our role as an annual conference is to solidify and advance efforts by the current prominent and indeed crucial organizations focusing on Linguistic Anthropology, and related fields.

Question: Where will the SCAALA be held?”

The SCAALA location will change every year, and will thus be hosted by a new Institution for each respective year.

Question: Will special issues emerge from the SCAALA?

The SCAALA will publish strong work presented at the SCAALA, and is currently discussing with several key publications to effect this. Consequently, the SCAALA aims to support and facilitate a rise in academic quality so to increasingly opportune academics and researchers to develop, and hence to become more competent to contribute their work to publications.

Question: Who do we communicate with for queries, for the SCAALA 1?

All queries can be directed to the email connected to the hosting Institution.

Question: Can anyone host a future SCAALA?

Yes, the SCAALA accepts proposals from institutions wishing to host a future SCAALA. Please contact SCAALA at secretariat@scaala.casa with an introductory proposal, and the SCAALA secretariat will mediate the proposal.